International Driver’s License

The countries that participate to the United Nations act regarding the road and regulations require that visitors driving in their country need to show their own driver’s license along with the International Driver’s License translated in 9 languages.


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Laws And Regulations for International Driver’s License

I found this website very interesting about laws and regulations.

You will find information about Internationals Drivers license Regulations, who need an International Driver’s License.   Traveling overseas? Renting a car?  You will need to apply for an International Drivers license and they provide the translations in 9 languages.  You will receive the plastic Id by mail and all the digital documents required by email in 24 hours!


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Traveling with your International Driver’s License?

Planning to travel overseas?   Planning to rent a car while you are out of the country?  No matter where country are you coming from or going to, you will need to carry your International Driver’s License along with your country driver’s license.

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For more information about International Driver’s License regulations please visit